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one way vision window screen

Reevoo Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 21, 2017

One way vision, is a black and white PVC laminated pressure-sensitive adhesive and release paper is a good advertising material.


1. One way vision (hole) perspective rate of about 30%, poor perspective, but the advertising screen is more clear, more ink dot attached, less suitable for the perspective of the glass surface posted , Such as: windows, building exterior glass, conference center lobby glass, airport waiting room, gas stations, etc. posted.

2.One way vision through (macroporous) perspective rate of 48% to 50%, higher fluoroscopy, safety factor, suitable for transport and require higher perspective glass surface posted, such as: bus Cars, taxis, windows, glass doors and so on.

3.screen printing Single-sided transmittance can be arbitrarily adjusted according to need, a large number, small format, lower product costs, but the production process is more complicated, the general four-color silk screen have to go through at least seven processes. Perspective effect depends on the quality of peelable transparent ink and plate making process, but because of the hard material and larger attachment area two characteristics, easily lead to the overall screen printing single off thoroughly. The product posting period is short (period is 6 months).

one way vision car window film.jpg