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pvc coated tarpaulin for marquee tent

Reevoo Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 27, 2017

canvas tarpaulin cover.jpgMarquee is a new type of temporary structure for outdoor activities, which is called "mobile real estate" because of its flexible disassembly and storage. It is widely used in professional exhibitions, expositions, celebrations, outdoor weddings, sports events, festivals (music festivals, Oktoberfest, Food Festival ...), temporary warehouses, workshops, temporary construction, emergency relief ... canopy Room for the international masses is a new concept, but also in recent years it is gradually emerging among people's daily outdoor activities, such as outdoor exhibition ---- Pavilion is an extension of the exhibition hall; outdoor celebrations, outdoor weddings, Festival promotions must be used. It consists of a base of the original removable frame and tarpaulin composition, the framework of the alloy and steel are generally the main components, disassembly is very sensitive and convenient storage convenience, with small size, easy to transport and so on. Tarpaulin is a very important part of tents, its good or bad directly affect the safety of tents, but also with the security of the activities are closely related, so the choice of high-quality tarpaulin is very important.

Marquee and traditional buildings of the three different elements:

A, safe and secure, dignified and elegant, natural to withstand a variety of harsh environments

B, superior combination of features, stretching unlimited space

C, flexible assembly and disassembly, transport fast, easy storage

Marquee development

Marquee from Europe, which is different from ordinary tents is that it is equivalent to a temporary building, safe and reliable, for different types of venues can be quickly and flexibly build. Disassembly with convenient, easy transportation, diversification and other characteristics. Marquee without any extra beam, the space utilization rate of 100%, through your careful planning, more imaginative use of space, a variety of outdoor activities to enhance the possibilities of tents, enhance the activities of the new concept . Tent in the rental industry developed in Europe and the United States has become very popular, Marquee tent manufacturing is very mature, and has a sound Pengfang ancillary facilities and other ancillary services, has formed a complete industry. With the extensive use of the pompidou, the pomfret as a temporary facility will be further enhanced in the direction of richer appearance, more convenient disassembly and more economical operation.

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