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pvc shrink film applications are increasing

Reevoo Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 21, 2017

The 21st century, the rapid development of plastic film, pvc shrink film applications are also more and more, including agricultural greenhouses, as well as product packaging, the reason why can be so widely used, the main reason is to have some advantages:

Stacked on the pallet of goods winding package, so that the package is more solid and clean, more super waterproof effect;

With high tensile strength, elongation, self-adhesive, high transparency and so on;

Shrink film, shrink film is mainly composed of several different grades of poly (vinyl alcohol) resin extruded, with anti-puncture, super high-performance;

Shrink film Membrane technology mainly refers to the heat shrinkable film blown film production of some of the major steps, such as extrusion, molding, cooling, traction and winding and other heat shrinkable film Multilayer plane superimposed heads mentioned in this article Extruded layer Double the number, large heat absorption area, plasticizing effect is good, will naturally increase the yield, combined with the cooling technology to improve production capacity can be increased by 50%.

PVC shrink film has some shortcomings. For example, some PVC heat-shrinkable films are very soft for use in summer and harden in winter; some heat-shrinkable films tend to adsorb dust and become opaque; others have a short service life of PVC heat-shrinkable film and are prone to aging Wind and frost attack and sun exposure, the surface is easy to crack. Flaw does not cover yoga, and now PVC heat shrinkable film is still very wide range of applications, I believe that with the heat shrinkable film technology more mature, heat shrinkable film will be applied in more areas.