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PVC transparent film for greenhouse

Reevoo Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 09, 2017

PVC transparent film, tarpaulin is made of two layers of PVC film by adding high-strength polyester fiber composite, which greatly enhance the strength of the transparent film, and produce a strong three-dimensional effect. Is widely used in advertising packaging materials, agricultural greenhouses and transparent document bags, bags and other related fields. 

Product performance and physical properties:

1. The product quality soft feel good, according to different uses, to produce the appropriate anti-UV, high temperature, low temperature, anti-static, waterproof, anti-oil and other products.

2. Tear strength (N):  120 / 140; 

3. Tensile strength (N / 5CM): 1500/1800; 

4. The use of temperature: -30/70℃

5, Weight 420-550 g /sq.m (Visible customers use and requirements made)

6.Yarn thickness and density can be customized according to customer requirements, our company often do specifications are: 200*300(9*9), 300*300(9*9), 500*500(9*9),1000*1000(4.5*4.5/6*6/9*9)

7. This product is mostly used in the production of paper bags, bags, curtains, construction dust, containers, mechanical dust cover and other products.

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