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Tarpaulin tents in talk-basic steps

Reevoo Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2015

Use produced by the tarp tent is the most common products that, in tents, in the use of tents are very important, but tents are relatively simple, as long as choose set locations, and in accordance with the order and 4 common job, will soon be able to simply set.

Next, we take the wall tent, for example, to simply explain the erection of tents.
1. the location decision
When the tents, after taking into account wind and terrain, be sure to select a level ground.
2. tent equipment inspection
First collection supplies poured from the bag, and then check the parts one by one. Also for the convenience of folding the tent, and do not miss anything, would be the first to be recorded.
3. lay the floor mat
Floor mats after paved, to the four corners fixed with nails. And moisture place, floor mats, then put place mats.
4. put up pillars, opened the main rope
Prop worn beneath the ground cushions the ends of the hole, at that time, tip of the upper part of the pillar, worn curtain post two post holes in and around the main rope pull up, about avoiding tilt. In this way, the agent initially formed a shape of the tent.
5. adjust the main rope, pulling up the corner ropes, waist ropes
Using rope to adjust the shape of the tent, followed by twin pillars perpendicular to the ground. Second is to adjust the angle of the rope with rope, waist ropes, then used the shape of the tent to appear.
6. fix the wall
Use end of tent cloth, floor mats, and connect the lower part of the walls.
The above six steps is the order of erection of wall tents, only four Division of cooperation, and then in a State of good, just more than 10 minutes to complete.