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PVC Tarpaulin Temperature Adaptability

Reevoo Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Nov 01, 2017

Car, the process of transport of vehicles need to transport Pengbu; farmers food storage, open-air items stacked need to cover a protective cloth; industrial construction site temporary shelters need a shed shed. However, these ordinary fabrics can not be satisfied, in recent years, PVC tarpaulin with its unique characteristics, the rapid occupation of the market, sought after by the majority of customers love, PVC Tarpaulin is the current mainstream products on behalf of the market.

PVC tarpaulin is usually made of HDPE (high density polyethylene), the chemical material in a high temperature and a certain low temperature to maintain stability (-20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃), with excellent sun shade, moisture and mildew effect. Hardness and mechanical strength is also better than most of the chemical materials, the use of high-density polyethylene production of tarpaulins, whether it is broken strength, tear strength or tear elongation are in the first degree of other traditional tarpaulin. At the same time, PVC tarpaulin stitching at the use of high temperature pressure treatment, can be 100% of the joints, hundred percent no water leakage, PVC Tarpaulin when the water drops on the surface of the fabric, gently a drop of water immediately fall, smooth and smooth PVC coating, There are PVC slabs in the crevices of the cloth, so you do not have to worry about whether it is leaking!

PVC tarpaulin around the use of non-rusty aluminum zinc for buttonhole treatment, easy to fix you in various places, to explain the security and stability. At the same time, PVC Tarpaulin in order to facilitate better adapt to different application requirements, but also in accordance with the requirements of the specified distance, the specified number of installation buttonhole, absolutely let you rest assured. Edge design using edge, PVC Tarpaulin so that the product is more durable, not easily damaged.

In short, PVC tarpaulin not only the temperature adaptability, long life, waterproof powerful, sunscreen and moisture and anti-aging, the advantages of many, cost-effective high, you still hesitate, choose tarpaulin, of course, choose PVC tarpaulin The

Use and maintenance knowledge:

1PVC tarpaulin should be used to avoid sharp scratches fabric, resulting in fabric waterproof performance.

2PVC tarpaulins used, PVC Tarpaulin it should be carried out after the drying bag to save, for reuse.

3PVC tents stacked stock should pay attention to moisture, rodent control, PVC Tarpaulin depending on the local humidity and climate, regular drying.

4PVC tarpaulin handling process should pay attention to force evenly to prevent damage to the outer packaging, anti-brute force to pull the insulation was.

5PVC tarpaulin is generally not fire, the use of attention away from the fire, the inventory should pay attention to fire.

6PVC tarpaulin started when placed in a good place to start, PVC Tarpaulin to avoid pulling on the ground lead to insulation is damaged.

7PVC tarpaulin should be checked before the start of the ground, remove the sharp objects, to prevent insulation by the surface fabric damage.

8 Please predict the local wind, when the wind is too large, please advance the PVC tarpaulin reinforcement.