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Structures Tent Structures

Reevoo Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 20, 2015

Tent cloth curtain, pillars and cushion.
Tent body
Pillars: also known as the pillar, erected vertically to the ground. Erect one or two, all three connection types. Some tubular leg bend, you need to connect to wire. General material is glass, the average is 7.
Border: used in bullet-type tents and cabin tents, to dashes-like material into the pillar or pillars.
: Tent top part. Roof: forming part of the inclination of the tent. Walls: the tent side wall sections. Some tent No.
Rain canopy: part of the roof, front opening, with the other pillars of support.
Door: for the entrance of the tent. Windows that can be located on the other side. Floor mats: tent, Pu mat on the ground. If it is humid places, still needs a layer of bamboo mat.
Fly pad: on the tent roof, laying another mat, dodging the strong sunlight. Second-tier roof main rope: also known as the column line. By separate pillars at both ends, tilt to avoid pillars, and nails.
Angle of rope: extend from the corners of the tent fabric, and nails.
Spinal cord: from the bottom edge of the roof of the tent fabric extension and nails.
Nails: also known as nails, used to insert ground, fixed ropes and the curtain of the tent bottom. There are wooden. Made of metal and synthetic resins.
Wooden hammer or hammer: nails into the ground. Wood or metal clasp, attached to the main ropes or corner parts of the rope. Cable through the two holes, moved to control cable.
Bag: curtain and pillars, nails, wood hammers away pouch.