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What Is A Glass Fibre Fire Resistant Coated Fabric?

Reevoo Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 20, 2015

Fire-proof fabrics mainly used fire-resistant glass fiber cloth, specially treated and processed.

Two main features:

1, nonflammable, heat-resistant (550-1100 degrees), compact, Hypo-allergenic, texture soft and ductile, cover the uneven surface of objects and equipment.
2, fire has a very good place to protect objects from the heat and Sparks, and completely stop the burning or the separation burn.

Third, the product uses:

1 fire applied to welding sparks and fire-prone situations, can fend off Sparks, dross, weld spatter, etc, to work in isolation, segregation in the workplace, prevent welding may cause a fire hazard in the work;
2, light, along with a specification for safe and clean working space.
3, the best protection tool for key units for fire safety, in shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels and other public places of entertainment when hot, such as welding, cutting, and using fireproof cloth can reduce the Sparks, inflammable and explosive dangerous goods are to be isolated and blocked, and the integrity of human life and property to ensure that.
4, fire is widely used in the shipping industry to ship construction and repair, can also be used in petrochemical industry on metal structures of insulation, needed welding place, showing very good protective adaptation.
Four considerations:

Fireproof cloth waterproof!!! Protection against fire is proof of the waterproof function, see the coated fabric.