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What Is PVC Tarpaulin?

Reevoo Industry Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 19, 2015

Pvc tarpaulin
A, introduction
PVC tarpaulin is a high strength polyester canvas fabric, coated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC) Paste resins with addition of growth agent (synthesis of n-plant), antiseptic, antioxidant, antistatic agent and other chemical additives, and is formed by high-temperature plastic. With waterproof, mildew, cold resistance, aging resistance, anti-static properties; tearing and breaking strength, elongation, tear strength is much better than traditional tarpaulin. Its wide scope of use, strength, color variety, its special skidproof surface, is internationally popular waterproof cloth, and width large, up to 2 metres wide, using available hot splicing, removed from the sewing holes-water leak worries, tarp is a modern mainstream products in the market.

Second, characteristics
1. long life, stretch of strong
2. watertight, watertight.
3. low temperature, cold temperature-20 ° c;
4. has certain antifungal effect.

Three, the product uses
1. freight tarpaulin trucks, trains, ships that are available;
2. stations, terminals, ports, airports and other open storage yard covering;
3. building temporary granaries and a variety of crops and household groceries covered outdoor use;
4. can be used for electric power construction site and other temporary construction site sheds, temporary warehousing material;
5. can be processed outer sheath of camping tents and all kinds of machines and equipment.

Four points, use
PVC tarpaulin in using process in the should avoid in ground drag pulled, also should avoid and sharp of metal or weapon mouth impact, and tore; products using in the as has damaged, can first cleanup clean damaged at, with alcohol wipe a again Hou in cloth head and the damaged at are coated to universal rubber (hundred have rubber, and stick of prison,), three minutes Hou phase posted stick prison can.