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2mil glass protective films school hospital shatter-proof car safety clear foil pet surface

Glass protective window film explosion proof security window film for shower room glass door, best quality switchable privacy glass protective film.

Product Details

School hospital shatter-proof car safety clear foil pet surface glass protective film

Art No. RV-OSEF-5S
Thickness Thickness 2mil
Base material 0.05mm
Release layer 0.023mm
Material PET
Weight/30M 7KG
Standard Wdith 1.524M
Package 30M/R
Delievery Time 3 working days
Visible Light Transmittance % (VLT) 90%
IR Blocking Rejected/ Heat Rejection % 9%
UV Rejection 20
Guarantee Period 5 years
Tensile Strength 1100kg/cm2
Peel Strength >1600Grams/inch


1. Clean the inside windscreen inside with soapy water.

2. Spray a light film of water on inside glass and film

3. Peel film apart from backing on inside of window. Use two pieces of

transparent tape to separate film from liner

4. Adhere film from INSIDE on top of the windscreen

5. Flatten the surface and remove bubbles if possible

6. Cut the excessive according to the shape of the windscreen with the blade


7. Spray film with soapy water solution and squeeze firmly

8. Dry in full sun for 3 days.


1)  So easy to peel off

2)  Anti-explosion,heat insulation,anti-sight.

3)  There is no residue after removed the products.

4)  Good and steady adhesion.

5)  Good antistatic ability.

6)  High temperature resistance

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